Thursday, August 10, 2006

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Glad it wasn't me (this time)

When I go into an museum or art gallery (yes, I occasionally go to them), I'm afraid that I would knock something over or damage something. So far nothing has happened.

[Knock on wood]

Unforunately, it isn't the case for this guy. Poor guy knocked over two Ming vases when he tripped over his shoelaces. Now he is banned from the museum indefinitely. I guess I will making sure my shoelaces are always tied when I'm in a museum.

Thursday, April 28, 2005


Just Liz

Last week in the office, I was asked to help write shareholders' addresses on FedEx invoices and have packages mailed out. I was willing to help out since I needed a break from my dull work routine of creating spreadsheets. So as I sat there, writing neatly to impress shareholders of how a bank employee's handwriting is great, I realize how stupid this is. Is this what I have succumbed to, a college grad writing on FedEx invoices for an hour?!? I need to get a real job,

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Waterzooi (Petite Brasserie)

A couple of months ago, I went to a Belguim restaurant called Waterzooi in Rockville Centre (Long Island) with cousins and we all ordered really good mussels served in individual pots. It was so good, I gotta go back. Okay Sewell?
All mussels are cooked in variety of flavors such as Thai, Creole, creamy lobster sauce, spicy marinara, white wine, lemon zest, tomato broth... should I go on. =) The prices range from $19 to $29

The restaurant serves other seafood entrees (which I'm sure are good) but I rather go back to eat some plump mussels.

Change of plans

SNL Review will also review on other stuff besides restaurants. Basically, we'll just write about anything since reviews on restaurants are limited.

Cafe Centro - NYC

Cafe Centro is located behind Grand Central Terminal. Sewell and I went there for our pre-Valentine's Dinner since he and I couldn't meet up on Monday the 14th. (He lives in MD and I'm here in NY) I'm pretty sure the restaurant is famous for the chocolate fondue dessert since all the couples there ordered that for dessert. Small portions of pound cake and strawberries were offered along with melted chocolate in ceramic bowl heated by tea candle at the bottom of the platter. The dessert was okay, could have been better if the candle was lit throughout the dessert course. After the candle blew out, the melted chocolate became a little heavy and grainy. So dipping strawberries into lukewarm and grainy chocolate didn't get me into a romantic mood. We tried to get an available waiter to relight the candle, but everyone was busy. We sort of gave up after several attempts.

The dinner course was not as bad. We both ordered the lobster entree since the waiter claimed to the best. And considering we were both ordering from the prix fixe menu, the lobster was the best and expensive choice among the others. The lobster pieces were boiled so it tasted quite bland and the texture was hard. I was dying for some butter during the midway of eating but didn't want to ruin the natural taste of the lobster. So... I struggled trying to finish it. It was a bit of a torture, chewing on that thing.

I'm not sure if I want to go back, maybe I'll try it again if the restaurant is not crowded and probably order something not from the prix fixe menu.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

New York (Downtown Tribeca) - Indian - Spice Grill

I went to the Spice Grill for lunch since they offer a cheap buffet for only $9.99. The price is pretty good for buffet style but came with limited choices. They pretty much serve curry chicken, goat and nan which are all common and expected. The decor is kinda plain, and the service was okay...nothing much to say. One thing though, you have to use the same plate for your entire meal so no more clean dish on the second round...third or fourth. It's a good way for the restaurant to control customer's food intake. I would prefer to go Saalam Bombay which is about 4 blocks away from Spice Grill. The decor is elaborate and restaurant offers different dishes all for $12.95; just $3 more. - Liz

Went back to the Spice Grill. Served a better variety of foods for $9.99 But no appealing desserts. - LIz

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Atlanta - Japanese - Shogun

Will be added soon....

Baltimore - Seafood - M&S Grill

A great seafood restaurant that is located in the Inner Harbor and it is open late! A group of us ended up in the Inner Harbor on a Friday after 10pm. We had initially decided to go to Phillip's Seafood restaurant by it was closed by then. We had passed M&S Grill and decided to give it a try. Boy, I was glad Phillip's was already closed. M&S Grill was great place to go. The calamari for appetizer was fresh and just melted in your mouth. And our entrees was great -- the mahi-mahi and stuffed flounder. I definitely recommend this place. And make sure you leave room for dessert. All the desserts they had looked great. We got the chocolate brownie sundae. It really topped off a good meal. - Sewell

Didn't know calamari can be really soft. I'm so used to the tough chewy texture. I had the Maryland crab soup which was pretty good, had a spicy kick to it. - Liz

M&S Grill's website

Saturday, January 08, 2005

New York - Japanese/Sushi - Minado

A great Japanese/Sushi buffet in the New York area. I have been at the one in Midtown Manhattan twice. While the variety of Sushi selection is great, it is hard to find rolls or nigirizushi that have eel. Still, you definitely have a choice of other types of sushi that will fill your appetite.

And make sure you leave room for the fresh fruits, cakes, and the two types of ice cream they serve, Red Bean and Green Tea.

Minado's website

Friday, January 07, 2005

Introduction to S-N-L's Restaurant Review

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